Xintao Wang

Xintao Wang

Ph.D Candidate

Fudan University


Xintao Wang (王鑫涛) is a third year Ph.D candidate at Fudan University in the School of Computer Science. He is deeply fascinated with ACG (Anime, Comics & Games) culture, and is devoted to revolutionizing the ACG industry with AI techniques. Hence, his research interests primarily focus on human-like generative agents and their personas, including (but not limited to):

  1. Role-Playing Language Agents: Targeting at creating AI agents that faithfully represent specific personas, including: (1) Agents for fictional characters from books and ACG, whose applications include virtual companions, games, and content creation; and (2) Agents for real-world individuals, which deeply understand user personas to serve as their digital proxies or personal assistants.

  2. Cognitive Modeling in Language Models: Focusing on integrating anthropomorphic cognition into LLMs, such as ego-awareness, social intelligence, personalities, etc. The goal is to promote LLMs’ understanding of the inner world of themselves and others, hence enabling them to generate more cognitively-aligned and human-like responses.

  • Large Language Models
  • Autonomous Agents
  • Role-Playing Language Agents
  • ACG, J Pop, Cosplay
  • Ph.D in NLP, 2021 - 2026 (estimated)

    Fudan University

  • B.S in CS, 2017 - 2021

    Fudan University


  • May. 2024: Our InCharacter got accepted to ACL 2024, and Light Up the Shadows got accepted to ACL 2024 Findings!
  • Apr. 2024: InCharacter will be presented in the poster session in Agent Workshop @ Carnegie Mellon University!
  • Apr. 2024: The first Survey on Role-Playing Agents is out! Dive into our comprehensive survey of RPLA technologies, their applications, and the exciting potential for human-AI coexistence. Understanding role-playing paves the way for both personalized assistants and multi-agent society. Check our latest survey on role-playing agent!
  • Apr. 2024: Check out SurveyAgent! This system stands out by offering a unified platform that supports researchers through various stages of their literature review process, facilitated by a conversational interface that prioritizes user interaction and personalization! Access via homepage and have fun!
  • Mar. 2024: As a member of Takway.AI, I’m thrilled to announce that we secured the Second Prize in the InternLM Competitions, hosted by the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory!
  • Feb. 2024: Check out InCharacter! Self-assessments on RPAs are inherently flawed - which heavily depends on LLM’s own understanding of Personality. Instead, our work revolves around interviewing characters in 14 different psychological scales, providing a more objective description of LLM’s role play abilities. Check out this project demo!


Chat-Haruhi-Suzumiya Project
Research Leader
Chat-Haruhi-Suzumiya Project
August 2023 – March 2024 Shanghai, China
Lead the research project on the personality analysis of role-playing language agents.
Knowledge Works Lab, at Fudan University
Student Research Leader
Knowledge Works Lab, at Fudan University
September 2020 – Present Shanghai, China
Responsibilities: Lead the research groups on (1) role-playing language agents and (2) knowledge-enhanced LLM applications. Memtored near 10 graduate and undergraduate students. Together, we co-authored and published multiple research papers.
FudanNLP Group, at Fudan University
Student Researcher
FudanNLP Group, at Fudan University
July 2019 – September 2020 Shanghai, China
Responsibilities: Worked on fine-tuning language models for NLP tasks.


Second Prize of the InternLM Competitions
Chinese National Scholarship
Excellent Graduates of Shanghai
Chinese National Scholarship
Huawei Scholarship
Hhctea Freshman Scholarship

Recent Publications

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(2024). InCharacter: Evaluating Personality Fidelity in Role-Playing Agents through Psychological Interviews. ACL 2024.

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(2024). From Persona to Personalization: A Survey on Role-Playing Language Agents. In Arxiv.

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(2024). Character is Destiny: Can Large Language Models Simulate Persona-Driven Decisions in Role-Playing?. In Arxiv.

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(2024). Evaluating Character Understanding of Large Language Models via Character Profiling from Fictional Works. In Arxiv.

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(2024). SurveyAgent: A Conversational System for Personalized and Efficient Research Survey. In Arxiv.

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